Appliance Repair Job: Appliance Repair Technician Fort Lauderdale

apliance repairman standing beside dryer

To work as an appliance repair technician, you don’t need formal education. You should analyze the duties, training, and certification required to see if this is the career you were looking for.

The role of the appliance repair technician is to inspect, install, repair, and service household appliances. They usually visit the client’s home to service or repair the machine. As an Appliance Repair Plantation technician, you can expect to get anywhere in the range of $36,000 to $42,000. An important fact to note here is that jobs in this field are expected to fall down.

Important Info

Appliance Repair Pembroke Pines companies usually offer services such as dryer repair, oven repair, refrigerator repair, washing machine repair, and dishwasher repair. To repair large appliances such as dishwasher and washing machine, they visit the house of the client. Small appliances such as blenders and grinders are usually repaired at the shop. Although you don’t need any formal education to repair an appliance; however, you could complete a few programs to improve your knowledge and reputation. It will be an added advantage if you complete apprenticeship with an experience technician.

Education Required

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need formal education to become a technician. However, on-the-job training and apprenticeship can help in boosting your career. You could also complete technical programs related to electronics.

Other Requirements

Complete voluntary certification courses through the International Society of Certified Electronic Technicians, U.S. Environment Protection Agency, or Certified Appliance Professional.

Job Description

Washer and dryer repair technician, fridge repairman, or any other Appliance Repair Coral Springs service positions, will troubleshoot the problem with the residential appliance. Technicians must know how to connect gas or water lines, and check for leaks once the installation is complete. They must also instruct the customers on how to use the appliance properly. If a component is defective, they must replace the defective component in the appliance after confirming it with the customer. They must also know how dismantle and reassemble an appliance.

Technician may also be required to complete sundry duties such as bill preparation, record keeping, inventory control, and repair estimate. They must also have good communication and customer service skills.

Certification and Education

The easiest way of acquiring skills and training is apprenticeship. An apprentice works under the supervision of an experienced appliance repair technician. They also learn from training courses offered by the employers. For repairing small appliances, an apprenticeship with an experienced technician is all you need to get a job.

Technicians looking for formal training can enroll in the vocational or technical program that focuses on appliance repair. This education will reduce the requirement of on-the-job training. After completing the course and getting the necessary experience, the technician can get a certificate from International Society of Certified Electronic Technicians, U.S. Environment Protection Agency, or Certified Appliance Professional.

Salary and Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Studies, appliance repair technicians earn in the range of $12.50 to $32.30. Their wages depend on several factors such as type of appliance repaired, experience level, location, and the skill level of the person.